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Stuck? Blocked creativity? Faced with a tough decision without a clear answer?

Engage your “right-brain” processes… tap into your intution!


Often, our stuckness or blocked creativity is a function of the limited perception of fixed or “usual” perspectives – we have habitual ways of viewing things, and unless we can widen our view we become stuck. We can also get stuck by getting caught up in the details before we’ve exhausted the creative possibilities – seeing the “big picture” and the variety of interrelationships and associations inherent in the situation can result in new insights.

Our brains are capable of taking in and processing far more information, at a far greater speed, than that of which we are consciously aware; we all have a veritable storehouse of data, perceptions, and understanding below the surface of conscious awareness. Occasionally we get spontaneous access to some of the information that usually remains hidden, something will trigger a strong gut feel or intuition about a situation.

Recent bestsellers Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking and A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future both discuss the importance of intuition and right-brain processing of information.

How can we tap into these right-brain processes when we’re already stuck or caught up the left-brain “paralysis by analysis” syndrome?

How can we gain reliable access to that storehouse of information that sits below the surface of conscious awareness?

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Your vision is compelling, the mission is clear and everyone’s on board… or are they?


Everyone may appear to be paddling in the same direction, but you’re not making the kind of progress you were expecting. What’s going on below the surface that could be impeding your progress?

Everyone has signaled their commitment to the vision, but do they all really understand the destination in the same way?

Maybe you can see where some of the problems are – people paddling in different directions – yet everyone says they’re paddling towards the same goal. So what’s going on?

Even the most astute of leaders can miss what’s going on below the surface. Unconscious attitudes and perceptions affect peoples’ behavior in ways in which they aren’t aware, and ways we can’t see until the behavior becomes manifest.

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