One of the quickest ways to shut down a brainstorming session, and the creative process in general, is to allow the analytical, judging, left-brain processes into the game too early. Tapping into the creative, symbolic, right-brain processes can be a challenge for many, and even more difficult when in a group where, invariably, someone will let their left-brain judge verbalize its thoughts.

The PD facilitates the creative process necessary to a valuable brainstorming session by tapping into the right-brain, symbolic processing directly. “Out of the box” thinking is fostered through the participants’ intuitive responses to the PD’s abstract images. As patterns emerge, and discussion of the meaning of the images chosen ensues, new possibilities arise, often with far less judgment attached in the early stages due to their source.*

*Often, participants experience “Ah-ha’s” regarding their image choices as they begin to explore what the images suggest to them.