Team Dysfunction Remedy

The PD can help uncover the deeper causes that may be producing blocks to a team’s effectively working together. It can also help build greater understanding and appreciation among team members (or among whole departments), leading to more productive working relationships.

Creativity Block-buster

The PD can help break through blocks to the creative process caused by an inability to find any more ways to perceive an issue or situation. It also primes the creative pump by providing an abstract image onto which to project associations and symbolic understanding.

Decision Clarifier

The PD enhances the decision making process by actively engaging an intuitive understanding of the options and their closeness to the “ideal” option.

Culture Diagnostics

The PD can assess the general “health” of an organization’s culture, assess readiness for change, reveal the true level of “buy-in” for a new direction, assess degree of alignment of purpose or values among departments/levels, and commitment.