Decision Clarifier

The PD enhances the decision making process by actively engaging an intuitive understanding of the options and their closeness to the “ideal” option.


Sometimes, when trying to evaluate a course of action, the right path isn’t always clear. You can analyze the pros and cons, develop logical arguments for one choice over another, and still feel unsure which way to go. The options come out neck-and-neck, or you’ve got a nagging feeling you missed something crucial in your analysis.

Our brains are capable of processing much more information, at a much faster rate, than we are ever aware of consciously. The PD taps into this reservoir of information. It uncovers implicit perceptions you (and/or your team) have about the options. With the PD, you can also explore how the choices compare to idealistic alternatives, shedding light on what might be missing.

By using the PD in conjunction with rational evaluation, you are bringing your intuitive awareness into the process leading to a more holistic consideration of the options.

Check out What can it do? to find out specific ways the PD can help bring greater clarity to your decision-making process.