Coaching Dyads/Triads

Reciprocal relationships (boss/subordinates, husband/wife, interdependent departments, business partners, etc.) can be challenging. Sometimes, despite the best intentions of both sides, the relationship becomes strained and neither really understands or fully appreciates the other’s perspective, making working together difficult, at best. The PD can help to break through some of the challenges by tapping into a deeper level of awareness to uncover a group’s (or one’s) perceptions of ones’ own group (or oneself) and of the opposite cohort. By better understanding what’s going on below the surface of awareness, and shedding light on those unconscious perceptions, opportunities for new understanding and appreciation become available, the dialogue changes, providing avenues for improving the relationship. The PD uncovers:
  • the degree to which groups (or individuals) see each other similarly
  • the degree to which groups (or individuals) see the others they way the others see themselves
  • the degree to which they see their purpose similarly
and through the abstract images employed in the session, provides an opening to discuss how they see themselves and each other.