Although they do work together, the right- and left-hemispheres of our brains process information differently, and tend to be responsible for different functions. Generally, the left brain can be thought of as verbal, processing information in an analytical and sequential way, starting wtih the parts & then putting them together to get the whole. Words often associated with left-brain processing include:

  • logic
  • analysis (measuring/weighing)
  • verbal expression
  • judgment
  • planning
  • details
While the PD taps into the right-brain processes, collecting left-brain processed (verbal, rational, evaluated) information about the same topics provides a basis for comparison that leads to a measure of the degree of disconnect (see INcongruence) between what people are aware of and/or are willing and able to verbally express, and what they feel or perceive at a deeper level. See also, lateralization of brain function.« Back to Glossary Index