shared vision

Shared Vision is a measure of the degree to which the respondents perceive the topics in the same way at the deep level uncovered by the PD. Shared Vision is also known as Consensus. While the Epitomizing Picture provides a visual/symbolic representation of how people perceive a topic at a group level, the degree of shared vision, or consensus, provides a sense how consistent this perception is among the respondents. Thus, a high degree of shared vision indicates that the topic is understood similarly by most everyone, while a low degree of shared vision suggests that there are significant differences in how people perceive the topic. When otherwise good, talented people with a high level of commitment are unable to get it together and all paddle in the same direction, a lack of shared vision may be major factor. Even if they tend to agree in their verbal expressions of how they understand the plan, or their goals, at a deeper level there may be significant differences in how they perceive the situation. The PD can help uncover those differences by tapping into those deeper levels.

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