Head-Gut Check

The PD can be used by individuals to help with decision making, or choice evaluations by facilitating a “checking in” with one’s own deeper attitudes and perceptions. The focus is on comparing PD responses to the different options, as well as comparing each option to the anchor topics of “myself” and “prefer” to get a sense of one’s level of identification and attitude, respectively. It can also sometimes be very useful to include a topic for the abstract ideal solution or decision. This process can help one become more aware of how one percieves the options at a deep level, and can open up new ideas as one considers the symbolic associations between the images chosen and the topics. It can also be taken a step further by including a verbal perceptions through the use of an L-Mode measure on the same topics/options. This will help with the assessment of the degree to which one’s rational decision making process is in alignment with one’s deeper perceptions. If they’re in alignment, you’ve definitely got a green light! If they’re not, you may need more either more reflection or more information before you can make that decision (of course, the PD Head-Gut Check process itself can open one up to new awarenesses that influence the rational decision making process also).