How can the Projective Differential™ be used?

Because the PD is a general purpose assessment technique rather than a tool to assess a particular thing, it is very versatile. The PD could potentially help in any situation where tapping into right-brain processing or unconscious perceptions might be useful.

There are numerous purposes for which the PD can be used, falling into four main categories:

  • diagnosing issues relating to organizational culture, values alignment, commitment, etc.
  • evaluating issues, objects, concepts, choices, etc..
  • enhancing or augmenting the creative process
  • intervention & development (team building, etc.)

(please see What is the PD? for more detail on these).

Whether you’re trying to enhance the creative processes involved in planning or problem solving, needing to uncover the hidden influences that could adversely affect a large project, or evaluate your team’s readiness for change, the PD can help. Using a process that bypasses the left-brain, rational, verbal processing and expression, the PD gets below the surface of conscious awareness to help you tap undiscovered potential, or to become aware of hidden threats.

We have detailed several specific ways in which the PD can be used. The basic PD session is the same for all applications, with differences in the topics assessed, people involved, type of post-session group processing/discussion (if any), and the amount and type of data analysis and reporting. Each PD administration is customized to the needs of the client, the information sought, and the specific goals of the session.