Whole Brain Decision Making

Whole Brain Decision Making (WBDM) is particularly useful when two or more already determined alternatives are being considered (the alternative selections may have been inspired by PD Finder and/or PD Associations activities). The PD can be used to help evaluate the alternatives by tapping into deeper levels of understanding and perception. It recruits the intuitive, right-brain, holistic evaluation to augment the logical, pro/con evaluation as part of the decision making process. Given the fact that there are so many cognitive bases for making decisions (e.g., income, keep my partner happy, make maximum return on investment, make me happy, do what is right, etc.) and that they all result in emotional consequences for us, WBDM is an avenue toward discovering if what you really want is rationally defensible. This is because WBDM compares results from the PD with your best rational analyses of the choice. The protocol is to use PD and rational methods independently and compare results. If they agree, go for it. If they don’t agree, look again.