Your vision is compelling, the mission is clear and everyone’s on board… or are they?

dragonboat2 Everyone may appear to be paddling in the same direction, but you’re not making the kind of progress you were expecting. What’s going on below the surface that could be impeding your progress? Everyone has signaled their commitment to the vision, but do they all really understand the destination in the same way? Maybe you can see where some of the problems are – people paddling in different directions – yet everyone says they’re paddling towards the same goal. So what’s going on? Even the most astute of leaders can miss what’s going on below the surface. Unconscious attitudes and perceptions affect peoples’ behavior in ways in which they aren’t aware, and ways we can’t see until the behavior becomes manifest. On the surface, people may appear to have a shared understanding of their purpose and goals, but deeper down the truth can be quite different. They may not even be aware of how differently they’re perceiving the situation. The Projective Differential (PD) can help you get a handle on the unconscious influences on behavior by uncovering implicit attitudes and perceptions. The PD is a unique general purpose, holistic assessment technique, designed to help individuals and organizations to tap into the deeper levels of perception and understanding, those that are below the surface of conscious awareness.
The PD will help you become aware of what’s going on below the surface, and to:
  • better evaluate the degree of shared vision and commitment
  • discover whether you have the necessary buy-in before problems appear
  • anticipate and address performance issues before they become a problem
  • uncover and remedy poor interdepartmental alignment
  • reveal the hidden, innocent threats to productivity that are the result of unconscious perceptions
The PD isn’t just for uncovering potential problems; it is also a very powerful tool for enhancing creativity, decision making, and team building. Because it taps into the intuitive, “right-brain” processes, the PD augments the creative process by introducing the latent associational, symbolic perceptions of the issues you’re assessing. By uncovering deeply held attitudes and perceptions, it can act as an awareness booster to help improve inter and intra team understanding and appreciation, leading to greater productivity. Please browse the PD Applications area of this site to see a variety of ways in which the PD can be used to help your business.